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Pierre de Nolhac (1859-1936)

In his book, La Reine Marie-Antoinette, Pierre de Nolhac tells the story of a Queen but also the story of a woman.

Along four chapters, he leads us through the main events that marked the life of the last Queen of France before the revolution… Using simple words, the author makes us understand why Marie-Antoinette was decapitated in October 1793 whereas she had been adored and beloved when her reign started.

Marie-Antoinette’s life is like an antique tragedy where fatality rules human destiny. The events, the persons, the places that transformed Marie-Antoinette into an historical character are slightly revealed word after word, page after page.
Pierre de Nolhac first drops us in the political reality of being a Queen and then he focuses on the Court and the fêtes without forgetting the secrets of the Queen’s intimacy, the famous Trianon and finally, the French revolution. This book is set as a literary and historical reference and gives us more clues on Marie-Antoinette, the famous Queen of France.

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The Queen Marie-Antoinette by Pierre de Nolhac

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